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PPC - Pay Per Click is the discipline of obtaining top results in search engines against target search phrases, on a pay per click through basis. Therefore it works on a payment by results basis. You only pay when a search engine user clicks on your results entry and is routed through to your website. Each phrase will have a bid price per click,  based on the ranked position requested (i.e. displayed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th etc) for a particular search phrase, and the competitiveness of the subject search term/phrase.

The Web Optimising PPC Service

  • Fully understanding and researching your product or service
  • In depth research to develop programme of target phrases
  • Developed and implemented to maximize relevant target visitor traffic with the budget
  • Continous monitoring, management and feedback
  • Detailed transparent reporting

If you aren't advertising through Pay-Per-Click you are potentially missing out on 30-70% of your market within a given search engine! A study conducted by iProspect, Survey Sampling International, WebSurveyor, and Stratagem Research demonstrated user preference for paid search results or organic results were dependent on the search engine the users chose.

Increase Your Advertising Exposure!

The skill with PPC is developing and managing a PPC programme which generates the maximum amount of high quality relevant visitor traffic with the available budget. This is usually across hundreds, if not thousands of different search terms. A lot of PPC service providers put minimum effort into firstly researching the most appropriate range of search terms to bid upon, and then determining the most cost effective and beneficial bid prices to deliver the objectives. At Web Optimising our Marketeers will spend time fully understanding your business, product or service, and researching and identifying all the possible and most relevant search terms being used. We will then evaluate the performance of all the search phrases to determine the optimum mix of search phrases and bid prices for your products and objectives, and develop an agreed programme. Once implemented, we will continually monitor, manage and amend the programme appropriately across the full spectrum of phrases, giving full feedback and reporting transparency.

  Pay Per Click Search Engines Market Facts
Google users chose PPC results 28% of the time
Yahoo users chose PPC results 40% of the time
MSN users chose PPC results 71% of the time
AOL users chose PPC results 50% of the time
Top Pay Per Click Search Engines
Overture are one of the earlier and most exposed of the Pay Per Click (PPC) submission services offered. Overture had the benefit of powering many larger ISP (internet service providers) home page search engines. Yahoo have a larger internationally well known directory which is paid for inclusion (but not guaranteed) providing that your content page relates to the category of submission.
Google is the largest and most recognised of all international and regional search engines with their main results being uninfluenced by payments. However Google have revolutionised (and centralised both for advertising revenue affiliation and advertising payments out) with paid "AdWords" which drive small, visually distinct text-only ads on related publishing web sites (Adsense) to the PPC benefit of the "Adwords" advertising client.


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