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WebOptimising have evolved from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - Web), which involves working on a website to enhance the way it appears and behaves, so that it performs particularly well on the Search Engines.
There is now no longer a distinction to be made between your online and offline customer. Web Optimisation SEO to increase your online presence can also act as a very effective referrer to offline sales. Web Optimisation SEO helps because many consumers now use online as an integral part of their purchase decision making process. On average a consumer will consider three brands before making a purchasing decision and the internet has become the number one media to help narrow down the options before the final online or offline purchase is made!
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Offline to Online and Online to Offline Optimising : Your customer's online route to your brand or service is likely to start with a search engine or other advertising media which can often be offline promoting you online! Similarly, once a customer has seen your website this can generate a sale to them offline, as many products and services can’t be sold online or the customer still wishes to go through the buying experience offline.
Searching the internet can be frustrating and tiresome for your customers. Websites that can be found on the search engines from directly targeted keywords, that are specific and relevant to the product and service on offer, benefit the most. At the end of day this is where your revenue is generated! Worldwide web conversions are reported to be less than 1%!
WebOptimising have a wealth of experience in off and online marketing and technology. We are pioneers in website optimisation and search engine optimisation (SEO), with a track record of developing tailored websites, visitor generation programmes and publishing systems which increase sales enquiries and sales conversions in our online commercial world.  In addition, with our expertise in offline marketing as well, we can provide a full integrated optimising service and ensure that your online and offline marketing work together and reinforce each other.
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