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Web Domain Names - URL's
Business Domain Names (url's) are names that mean business! These are domain names that relate to your business offering and are a businesses trading name and more more importantly for internet marketing purposes can be used directly for your product or service offer.
URL - Universal Resource Identifiers
Generic domain name - is generic to a product or service sector, i.e: cars.co.uk
Keyword domain - similar to generic but can be more than one word and with hyphens (relevant to search terms)
Type in domain - a domain that receives "type ins" to the web browser (around 25% of net captured traffic)
Linked domain - domain name that has "link popularity" (linked on other web sites, search engines and directories)
Sub Level domain name - created second leve of the main url, i.e: products.company.co.uk
Domain name extension - the country identifier, i.e: .co.uk
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